Khussa Shoes – Symbol of the Traditional Culture of Sindh

Khussa Shoes – Symbol of the Traditional Culture of Sindh

by Ishraqi Designs

Khussa (also known as Sindhi Juti and Mojari), the symbol of the traditional culture of Sindh, are made by artisans mostly using tanned leather.  Although, the Khussa industry is facing crisis due to inflation but it maintained its traditional identity since past many years.

In ancient times these were worn by multitude and royalty. As it evolved through the centuries and is being produced by individual artisans, products vary in designs and colours. It encapsules cultural diversity, local ethos and ethnicity.

General leather is passed through different processes to bring it in a suitable condition for Khussa making. The uppers of these ethnic shoes are made of one piece of leather or textile embroidered and embellished with brass nails, cowries’ shells, mirrors, bells and ceramic beads. From cutting the leather in different shapes to colourful embroidery, all is done manually by the artisans.

However, the increasing inflation has badly affected its industry and due to high prices of Khussa, its demand is decreasing down day by day. The people who are related to this industry are badly despaired.

The traditional custom of using Khussa was very much common in past decades but due to modern designs and high inflation, this industry is bathing last sigh. If some financial and technical assistance provided to winsome Khussa, the dying industry may be self-dependent and revive again.

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