Me, Blogging, Business, Music

Me, Blogging, Business, Music

Years from now, I’ll probably be making a post on mistakes I made in my first blog post. But a girl’s gotta start somewhere, right? So for now, I am putting my fear of failing aside and just… yes… BLOG!

So what is it that I want to blog about? I thought for days on end, coming up with loads of topics, which you’ll most likely be reading about later on. In the end I realised it’s better to just start with my current activities.

Business!! I have a full-time job, I have been ‘doing business’ since 2009 and I just started out a new business on top of that! This time I am focussing on my business… PERIOD! I might be doing a post later on basic steps for starting up a business. Yes, yes, I know, there are loads on the internet. But not on my site. I might even give it a twist, who knows, be sure to keep a look out for that post. Over time I will be explaining more about who I am and what I do.

Tomorrow morning I have an appointment with my bank, to open up a business bank account and how my bank can help me in my business. I will make sure to put up a post on my experience and what the benefits are.

For now, I am going to go ahead and listen to my playlist.

Song I am listening to right now:
Song: Splendor V/S Audi
Artist: Meet Dhindsa

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