Me, In-Laws and CSI!

Me, In-Laws and CSI!

So there I was, peacefully watching the latest episodes of CSI: Las Vegas, the peace didn’t last for too long. Some issue at in laws, God only knows why certain people think the way they think. Now a good three hours later, I was about to turn CSI back on and thought to write a blog post again.

My husband says, it would make an interesting blog post. But I denied, why would I publically humiliate them? Shame I can’t share it with the world, at least not for now, who knows maybe in the future.

Although I must admit, there was one funny aspect to it. Basically my dearest mom-in-law, said a bad word to my sis-in-law. When she asked why she would say that to her, she received the following reply: Everybody says it, it’s in fashion now! Some people! Or as my year old niece would say: Eesh! Anyway, that’s my rant for today, I am off to watch CSI again. If you have any funny/interesting/strange/noteworthy experiences with family, do share by commenting on this post.

What was I watching:
Series: CSI: Las Vegas
Season: 15
Episode: 10 and 11

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