Midnight, Creative Mind Overdrive and Azaan!

Midnight, Creative Mind Overdrive and Azaan!

So here I am, my mind dwelling away past midnight. There I was in bed (while listening to the soothing sound of the Azaan, Muslim call for prayer in Arabic), almost asleep and Boom! My mind just went on overdrive with all its creativity. I got up, started searching for a new WP theme, in the hope of finding a better one to suit my taste. It’s quite difficult, as I am very picky, but I will find it. Till then I will have to do with whatever comes close to it. While I was searching around I stumbled upon a post, from the founders of WP themselves. It’s a course of 4 weeks they are providing for free. How cool is that!! So I signed myself up and my partner, since he loves me so much and is willing to do whatever new adventure I put us in. Like when he wakes up in the morning and gets this post to edit to put on the site.

Since I find this is such a great opportunity for me and my partner, I thought this is a great opportunity for everyone wanting to get more guidance and discipline out of their blogging resolutions. Below is a link for more info and a link for registration. So don’t wait any longer, go sign up!

I also have a Guest Blog section on this site, so do feel free to make use of this great opportunity and enter your blog posts there. Looking forward to see your entries!

Blogging 101: From Zero to Hero

Registration link, in case you are unable to do so in link above:

Blog Post Link for Azaan Defined:
Coming soon!!

Link to listen to the soothing Azaan:


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