Crimson peak – Hollywood Horror or Bollywood?

Crimson peak – Hollywood Horror or Bollywood?

As most parents, me and my husband make use of any chance we can get to have some fun. For me that means Horror movies mostly and for my husband whatever I like to do. Muwahaha! Well trained, I know, thank you. He’ll enjoy reading this, whilst editing it before posting on my blog. You’re welcome!

Anyway, back on topic, we saw an opportunity and went to see Crimson Peak. While I was watching the movie, I saw a lot of resemblances with a typical Bollywood movie and subcontinental culture. So here’s what I found rather terrifyingly amusing!


1) A daughter too ambitious in a man’s world, – She wants to be a horror writer and obviously isn’t taken serious.

2) Other women cliques making fun/snarky remarks of girl due to interest in intellect and being accused of remaining a spinster. – She walks down the stairs and is ambushed by a gang of girls all dressed up making fun of her.

3) Father subtly mentioning the childhood friend a doctor now, opened his own clinic, to hint for marriage material, daughter obviously does not approve.

4) New guy makes entry, encourages intellect of girl, girl becomes intrigued, father has an instant dislike towards to guy

5) Big party, doc n father go, daughter remains home, gets called stubborn

6) New guy comes home to visit daughter, admits to standing in rain outside waiting for father to leave

7) New guy takes girl to party, obviously looking amazing, stealing spotlight

8) New guy and girl dance, all aunties n girls giving the stink eye

9) Father has huge influence, tells his police contact to investigate new guy

10) New guy’s report comes back to father, contains something fishy of new guy’s past

11) Father bribes new guy by giving big cheque telling him to leave and break daughters’ heart

12) Accepts, breaks heart by breaking her dreams, insulting her intellect, girl slaps him in the face as a reaction in front of all guests

13) Father dies, new guy swoops girl in time of distress, am here for you now, in front of doc, doc obv jelly

14) New guy n girl marry, leave town, go to his place, picks her up and carries her over threshold

15) New guys’ sister greets brother warmingly with a hug, nods n says hi to girl

16) Girl makes first attempt, says we’ll live here with warmth n love n friendship, gives sis a huge hug, sis obv not amused

17) Tea! There’s so much tea!

18) New guy n girl in attack, finally alone, try to take advantage of opportunity, sis comes walking in interrupting with tea!

19) Girl asks sis to give her a copy of all housekeys, sis abruptly refuses, ‘’ you don’t need them!’’ And puts her hand over keys hanging from hip

20) Tea! Again so much tea!


Now go watch the movie!

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