Hate, Teens Self-Confidence, Eyebrows and Goosebumps

Hate, Teens Self-Confidence, Eyebrows and Goosebumps

For the past few months I have been in several ladies only groups on Facebook. What I notice is that women strangely have the urge to belittle other women. On social media it tends to be even harsher than in real life. Hiding behind their little screens, not even sharing their own pictures, they find it easier to insult another.

What do they gain from this? I find there are many reasons. It goes deeper than just being immature, which they indeed are. It all falls down to insecurity, jealousy, no life experience. These same women are the ones that tend to shout the loudest as victims to similar insults from other women/men.

My latest experience was when I posted some pictures of mine, after I did a contour and eyeshadow for the first time on myself. I agree it was my mistake to ask for tips, if any. One after the other started to comment that I should not fill/draw my eyebrows as they appear fake or too dark or not well blended. One even ‘urged’ me to please do my eyebrows. Another offered to do my eyebrows for free, albeit she is in a complete different country. The issue was, I didn’t do my eyebrows. I hadn’t waxed them completely in a tight arch, simply coz I lost the will after I had done my face a few days back. Thick, full hair has its drawbacks as well, especially if you have a fair skin tone like me. It’s not always a good thing, as it comes with a lot of unwanted hair. I had also not drawn or filled my eyebrows, as they already are naturally thick and full, which ladies tend to use products to get the same result I already have.

One even was as rude to go into my profile and make a screenshot off my cover pic and share in the comments, saying here they are on fleek, why aren’t they like that now then! Whatever your reason, you are simply crossing a line there. Nobody gave permission and they wouldn’t like it if someone else did the same to them.

On top of that, a lot of the members are usually teens, which are just silently looking and observing. Most importantly they are comparing themselves with others to look for approval/acceptance of their own looks. None of these ladies tend to realise that, before making such comments. I am not saying I was deeply hurt, but it did get me thinking. We do have a duty to our younger generations, as they look up to us. Once they see someone completely attacked just for having thicker eyebrows than them, or thicker lips than they have or even the opposite, it will have an impact on those teens silently watching and forming their personalities. It will impact their self-confidence, thinking it is not normal to be different and hence have to alter themselves to be like others. Just so they can be accepted. Now this acceptance runs deeper, but I guess I’ll leave that topic for another day.

My advice is, please think the next time you attack someone just for your entertainment. Silent readers (read: teens) are being influenced in a negative way.

For now, I’ll continue watching Goosebumps. The first time my 10-yr-old son is watching a ‘horror’ movie with me.

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