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Rush of Emotions

It felt as if it was nothing. Maybe a technical issue. Or maybe someone just randomly posted something. But then I kept seeing more and more posts across social media.

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Experiencing Sufi Music in Pakistan

by Prof. Dr. Jürgen Wasim Frembgen When I met Dr. Ashfaq Khan in October 1998 for the first time at a private mehfil (musical gathering) in Lahore, we discussed music

Guests Blog

Where have all the Sufis gone?

by Peter Pannke When I first travelled to the East in 1969, I had only a very vague idea about the music I was going to find. I had not


Energy Blast – Super Juice

Super energetic juice to recover that dipping feeling! As compare to all the lettuces varieties, specially dark-green and red-leaved, iceberg probably has the least amount of nutrients. But, it doesn’t go