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Energy Blast – Super Juice

Super energetic juice to recover that dipping feeling! As compare to all the lettuces varieties, specially dark-green and red-leaved, iceberg probably has the least amount of nutrients. But, it doesn’t go oozy in your fridge after three days; in fact, it will keep well for two weeks if covered in plastic wrap. It has a much sweeter flavour than other types of lettuce and contains the highest levels of natural calming substances.

Super Juice Orange Apple Iceberg Lettuce

Energy Blast – Super Juice

If you’re stressed, uneasy and irritable, or run down, then this juice is the cure for you.

So turn the juicer on and juice

Lemon 1, with peel if thin-skinned
Oranges 2, peeled, but leaving pith on
Apples 3, unpeeled, quartered and leave the core
Iceberg lettuce 2 handfuls

Energy meter and numbers
This juice contains;
vitamin C, folic acid, vitamin A, iron, calcium and masses of potassium

It is also a good source of protective flavonoids. Lettuce is know for containing substances called lactones, and was used as mild sedative by the ancient Assyrians. All of these properties make the Energy Blast an ideal comforting and soothing juice for children recovering from sickness.

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