The Beauty Of A Horse Running In A Field
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The Beauty Of A Horse Running In A Field

This morning, while I was on my way to work, I passed by an area with fields. All of a sudden a horse running through it caught my eye. It was beautiful to see. The mane hair just in the wind. My mind was literally empty of all thoughts and worries and all I could think of was how beautiful that sight was. Now this isn’t the first time, but I never actually paid that much attention to it before. But somehow, today it did. Quite frankly I needed a distraction like that to clear my mind. It’s crazy, but it worked, without me even realising it. It’s the small things in life that make life worthwhile. If we start taking a notice, we’ll see how beautiful this world is and can be. That is by appreciating the smallest of things.

Monday, I was on my home from work. I was in the bus, sitting, minding my own business. A passengers was boarding the bus, when all of a sudden I saw a guy looking at me. Full of hate. He started walking towards me and spitting. Luckily I was sitting inside the bus and the bus then all of a sudden drove off. I knew where that hate was coming from. But I did not know him. I kept thinking, what did I do? What is my fault? The answer: nothing. I actually had to tell myself that it’s not my fault. Then I had to accept it’s not my fault. I have never ever ever experienced something like that before. So I was just stumped as to what and how I was supposed to process that.
Then I came home, not long after so did my son and husband. My son told me something had happened at school. I was already anticipating what it could be and somehow I hoped it wouldn’t be that. He sat down next to me and told me and my husband not to get upset and worried. He was very sensible and mature about the situation. He told me: he was in the classroom and all of a sudden his classmate started calling him names. He said ‘you are a terrorist and so is your family. Because all Muslims are terrorist and all Muslims support ISIS.’ And he had a proper go at my son saying all this crap. He is 11. A child. And so was his classmate. He only told him what he was clearly hearing in his environment. 

I asked my son if he had told his teacher. To which he replied that he had not. I told him to tell his teacher the next day, because he needs to be aware of this. I was in tears at that point and told my husband what happened earlier that day. 

Nobody prepared us for this. Nobody told us how to deal with this. How am I expected to then teach my child how to deal with this? This is not even a conversation I want to have with my child. Ever. Unfortunately, now we have to. 

We received a text message from his school principle on Tuesday to call. I just spoke to him. He was the most caring and most wonderful person. He apologised and told me he personally addressed the class and made them aware of the situation, to which a lot of kids were shocked. Because they all like him and they have know each other all these primary years. They get along quite well with each other. Even the boy that said all those things. The boy also had a conversation and was remorseful. He even apologised. His parents were also spoken to and even they had personally apologised to my son and sent apologies to us. The father was very understanding and he assured he will be having a conversation with his son about this as well. The school have also arranged a visit from the police to have a talk with children in general on hate crimes and such. They are also putting in effort to teach children about other religions and promote tolerance and understanding. The principle assured that this was being dealt in the best possible way and that they will not tolerate such behaviour towards anyone from anyone and will do everything they can to prevent this in the future. My son’s classmates all said they will look after him and back him up if they see or hear anything like that happening again. The school will also be keeping us updated on the whole situation. I was really grateful to him and I thanked him for doing all of this. As it is way beyond my expectations. But honestly, this is exemplary of how this should be dealt with. I have immense respect for the school taking this serious and providing a safe environment to all children and even their parents. And I am really happy how his classmates are dealing with the situation and even the boy for showing remorse and apologising. Knowing them, I am assured they will be back to being buddies before the end of this week.

That is why the horse caught my attention and cleared my mind. I was in a much needed distraction and I found that in something as simple as the beauty of a horse running around free. That’s why I love the small things in life. You should too. It makes life so much more beautiful. There is so much beauty in this world and it’s in the eye of the beholder. Love yourself, love others. There is no place for hate. Pass this on to your children as well. Remember, children are influenced by us, our actions and our words. Use that to teach them to see the beauty in this world. They will grow up to be happy and successful, which is all we want for our kids, right?

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