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Ufff!! What a rollercoaster ride. The past few weeks have been a huge learning curve on a professional and personal level. There were quite some good moments, yet also moments with a huge shock value.

I started this blog with all the right intentions in mind, however I have learned over the past few years, that it is essential to have a support system in place of people that are like-minded and you can bounce ideas off of. This will not only keep you motivated, but also on track to keep a check of all tasks that need to be done in order to progress. It took a while, but I finally did meet a few wonderful people, that has resulted in a lot of great developments in the right direction.

The main man I would like to mention, that really has been a Godsend, is Sharan. He has not only been a huge support, but also an amazing mentor and collaborator. But best of all an amazing brother.

To give a bit more insight to him, I would definitely recommend reading his blog ‘Bollywood Memories’, which is on his blog (https://sharankandhai.wordpress.com/) you will find in depth reviews about movies pre the start of the current millennium.

Going back to the collabs, I would like to mention that since we have been brainstorming together on several ideas and projects, we noticed a pattern. Since we are both creative, and have an amazing skill-set on several grounds, and being the perfectionists we are, we had loads of amazing ideas, but unfortunately too critical and demanding of ourselves. Which eventually resulted in nothing happening at all. The best thing was, we are both proactive and it didn’t take us too long to put together a schedule for projects to work on together. Combined together we could put our skill sets to good use in an organised manner.

Our first collab had been a radio special on my all time favorite actor: Shammi Kapoor. This was broadcast on June 10, 2018 If you would like to listen to it again, you can listen to it on the link below;


[kad_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2_pjocpWtA” ]


The current project we are working on is, The Ramsay Brothers.

We both have a love for the old horror movies of the 70-80’s, because the movies are so bad (compared to current tech) that they are just that good! So much so that we still watch them in this day and age. You could actually say we are die hard fans. Hence we will be working on a complete special around it. In due time, I will be posting links to all the upcoming projects as they complete along the way.

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