Khairpur diaries: Where women earn and women rule

by Hifza Jillani KHAIRPUR: A splash of colours on both sides of the National Highway in the areas leading to and from village Haji Peer Bux Solangi in Thehri, district Khairpur,

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Hate, Teens Self-Confidence, Eyebrows and Goosebumps

For the past few months I have been in several ladies only groups on Facebook. What I notice is that women strangely have the urge to belittle other women. On

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Alright Tumblr! Here I am!

So, I finally found my way into the world of tumblr. I must admit, I was scared, due to all these scary stories about it. It is portrayed as a


Midnight, Creative Mind Overdrive and Azaan!

So here I am, my mind dwelling away past midnight. There I was in bed (while listening to the soothing sound of the Azaan, Muslim call for prayer in Arabic),

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Me, Blogging, Business, Music

Years from now, I’ll probably be making a post on mistakes I made in my first blog post. But a girl’s gotta start somewhere, right? So for now, I am

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Khussa Shoes – Symbol of the Traditional Culture of Sindh

by Ishraqi Designs Khussa (also known as Sindhi Juti and Mojari), the symbol of the traditional culture of Sindh, are made by artisans mostly using tanned leather.  Although, the Khussa industry is facing