Hello there! Good to see you reading the disclaimer. Who said disclaimers are boring to read?! I’ll make it easier to read through and have fun along the way! So let’s go.

Who am I? I am ‘Rocking Bhootni’. So before taking anything I say seriously, and get offended by it, please contact your Doctor and make that appointment. If there are more, try a bulk appointment, there might be ongoing offers for group discounts at your nearest mental hospital.

Everything on my blog is my own opinion, or a result of my conducted research (obviously in my own way), however my gullible husband believes his opinion is also part of it. But as you know, a man’s opinion is often heavily influenced/directed by his wife, so we’ll let him think as is. Shhhh don’t tell him!

Worldwide it is common for people to run away at the mere mention of their in laws, with all the joy and glory of the problems that come with it, so you’re not the only one. Hence a lot of people already have had their fair share of experiences with their in laws. Everything I say about my in laws, is solely my own opinion and experience, which in turn provide for funny anecdotes at times. In any case there is a resemblance with your own experience or a character you know, don’t sue me, sue your own in laws for not being original!
NOTE: This also goes for any experiences with friends and family or any mention of anyone in anything I say.

Anything I mention in my blog posts is my own personal opinion and/or experience, this doesn’t mean you should trust me blindly. I know I am wise and amazing, but you know what you can and can’t do/have/tolerate, be wise when making use of my tips, tricks, recipes, advice, etc. However if you do use any of my said advice, tips, etc, and become an overnight millionaire, I am not responsible for that. You did it on your own, good for you buddy! If it’s anything stupid/disastrous, good going dufuss!!

On this blog you will also find a lot of pictures and videos, if you like any of it, be my guest and do praise me for it! But if you don’t like it, or if there is any legal/copyright issue, contact my gullible husband. It’s his fault, he should deal with the aftermath!

Any external links given on my site are due to my own personal preferences, whenever I feel it is interesting, funny, helpful, etc. However I am not endorsing the opinion of the external link owners and I am also not responsible for it. If you have an issue with that, good for you, but I can’t help you with that. Plus I am not sorry!

As I have already mentioned, my blog posts contain my own personal opinion/experience, hence I own it. If you want to share it, do it by all means, with praising me and crediting me for it of course. If you don’t, then the Boogeyman and Bloody Mary are both coming for you!! Be afraid, be very afraid! So do ask my permission, or else! Disclaimer within this disclaimer: Since they are both Urban Legends, I will not be responsible for their actions, DUH!

All guest blog posts and comments are personal opinions of the respective authors. I do not monitor, control or guarantee the content of it. If you like it, do let them know, if you want to give constructive criticism, fair enough! But if you are solemnly here to fight out your lack of attention at home, to release your sexual frustration, be disrespectful or anything negative, do not vent here! I advise you to do the following: Go tell yo mama!! She be really proud o’ ya son/missy! And if lucky, she’ll even whoop yo, you know what!

Still, if you have any questions, queries and/or inquiries, go on and ask me. I don’t bite.


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